Gel Battery

Dolphin / Dyson GEL Battery Special for UPS and Solar System

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Deep Cycle Made for UPS and Solar System 2016 Technology

GFM-G(Deep Cycle GEL)series is desigened for frequent cyclic charge and discharge applications
under extreme enviroments , By using strong grids, high-purity lead and patented Gel electrolyte, GFM-G
series offers excellent recovery after deep discharge under frequent cyclic discharge,and deliver 400
cycles at 100% DOD,Suitable for solar, CATV ,marine,RV and deep discharge UPS etc..
Capacity range:33Ah-3000Ah
Voltage class :12V
Long design life:12 years for 12V 18 years for 2V
Low self-discharge rate:≤2.5% per month
High sealed reaction efficiency: ≥98%
High specific energy density
Excellent charge acceptance
Wide operation temperature:-40℃~+60℃
Grid:patent primary and secibdary grid structure design;
Positive plate:Pasted flat type,high temperature and humidity formation technice:
Separator:high porosity AGM separator with good cyclic characteristics and lower resistance:
Battery cinrainer:High strength ABS(UL94-HB)and UL94-V0 is optional:
Safety Valve:narrow operate pressure range and equipped with explosion-proof arrester and acid

A gel battery is a valve regulated, maintenance free, lead acid battery.  Gel batteries are extremely robust and versatile. These type of batteries produce few fumes and can be used in places without much ventilation.