Industrial Stabilizer

Industrial SBW-F 3Phase / Three Phase Stabilizer

Three Phase  Input Voltage :AC200V~450V , Frequency : 50/60Hz / Single Phase  Input Voltage : AC100~250V
Three Phase Output: AC 380V +/- 3% , Frequency : 50/60Hz  /  Single Phase Output Voltage : AC220V +/- 3%
Product Certificate: CE, SONCAP, SGS, ISO9001CE Certification
Products Specifications:
SBW-F Adjustable full Automatic Compensated Electric Voltage Stabilizer

SBW-F series three-phase sub-regulation full automatic compensation power voltage stabilizer is a new voltage regulator improved based on SBW series products, which is suitable for unbalanced three-phase inSmart SBW-F Stabilizer

put voltage grid. When the load current changes or fluctuations in power grids, three-phase output automatically balance, and keep the merits of a steady voltage regulator.

SBW-F series three phase servo motor ac automatic voltage stabilizer, which is the leading select of the American chip by our company, uses the computer digitization procedure to Control the functional movement of the entire machine. It improved many shortcomings of the formerly simulated voltage stabilizer and made the quality of the products to be more reliable, the performance to be more stable, and the function to be more formidable. The product has the low energy consumption, the over-voltage protection, the low voltage protection, the over- current protection, the over-power protection, the over-temperature protection, the leakage protection and so on. It boasts for many kinds of protection functions integrated to one product. It also has the following functions: the anti- impact, the collection energy conservation and the environmental protection etc. This is a brand-new concept product which possess many new technologies! This series products simultaneously has applied for many technical monopolies.


Widely used in post and telecommunications, department stores, elevators, hospitals, schools,

Printing, securities and other occasions where all need normal voltage to ensure, such as workshop mines medium enterprises, some of the important equipment and computer power and support.

The details Specifications are as follows:

Over/low voltage protection, over-loading protection

Selective time delay


IEC60076 and CEcourses-homepage-cs

5 Years Quality assurance period

Excellent appearance

Quality assurance for one year free services

SBW-F series is in high quality. There are three motors which control each phase.

It is widely used for factory, hospital, super market and so on.

Meter and digital display for you choose.

With Guaranty & One Year Free Services

Main Technical Parameter

 Input voltage Single phase:120V-265V(phases voltage) 220V-456V(Line voltage)
Output Voltage Single phases:220V Three phase:380V
Output deviance 1-5% (Adjustable)
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Efficiency >=95% (power>50kva)
Response time <=1.5S
Ambient temperature -10°C~+40°C
Insulation resistance >=5M∩
Overload Double rated current, one min
Waveform distortion Non-lack fidelity waveform
Protect Over voltage. Over current. Feed phases
OUTPUT POWER:SBW-F 50KVA,60KVA,100KVA,150KVA,180KVA,200KVA,250KVA,300KVA,400KVA,500KVA,600KVA,800KVA,1000KVA,1200KVA,1600KVA,2000KVA

SBW-F Inside