UPS Inverter 5KVA

Dyson 5000 / 3500W  UPS Power Inverter, VDC : 48V
Dolphin Dyson

-Input Voltage : AC 145V~ 275V , Frequency : 50/60Hz

-Output Voltage : AC 220V +/- 2%, Frequency 50/60Hz

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UPS power supply
pure sine wave
UPS Inverter 48VProtection against all power problems
Output: 220/230 VAC
LCD/LED Main Features:

a. Parallel Units with a Single Output
b.True N+1 Redundancy
c. DSP Double-Conversion On-line Sine wave Design
d. Input Power Factor Correction
e. Hot-Swappable User Replaceable Batteries
f. LCD Display with Advanced Monitoring for Easy UPS Management
g. Programmable 50/60Hz Frequency Conversion
h. Optional Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO)
i. Wide Input Voltage Window
j. Precision Output Voltage Regulation
k. Superior Brownout, Surge & Transient ProtectionDolphin UPS


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