UPS 1500VA

Dolphin 1500VA Offline UPS with LCD Display

DSP TechnologyInput Voltage : AC 145V ~ 275V 

Output Voltage : AC 220V +/- 10%, Fequency : 50/60Hz

Dolphin Dyson
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Supply Best Energy Saving SolutionsUPS offlien DolphinBackup ups manufacturer, Replaceable Battery Design.

Short Circuit and Overload Protection.
high frequency
Replaceable Battery Design.
Intelligent Battery Management.
Short Circuit and Overload Protection.
Surge protected outlets available for convenience.
Microprocessor Controlled guarantees high reliability.
Advanced PWM technology for inverter output.
With LED display
AVR function, inner installed examination circuit for too low or too high voltage, can connect with the power generator.
Auto Restart while AC Recovery for Best power 1500VA/1200VA
This model will automatically switch to battery mode and power the load via battery until battery low .

CE Certification

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