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An ONLINE UPS is the one in which the inverter always supplies power to the protected load and hence the same quality of power is ensured all the time. When mains supply is present, the inverter derives its power from thee mains supplied rectifier and the backup batteries are also kept in charged state. When the mains fail, the source of DC power for the inverter section shifts to the battery without any break whatsoever in the output to the Inverter. It also bears all the vagaries and noise borne out of the mains supply and insulates the secure bus supply from it.

An ONLINE UPS is especially useful for sensitive and critical equipments/devices.

What exactly is On-Line technology?

This technology is mainly characterized by a constant quality of power supply throughout any disturbance or fluctuation. An On-Line UPS does not constantly supply energy from the batteries, but rather the current is regenerated through the transformation of the alternating current to direct current and vice versa. In this way, it is possible to isolate the load of any fluctuation in the input current. The most standardized use is the protection of Internet/Intranet servers, and the protection of telecommunications and industrial systems.

Online UPS


PR-1-3KD (LCD) Black

Detailed Product Description

UPS power supply 1KVA,2KVA,3KVA,6KVA & 10KVA
Pure sine wave
Protection against all power problems
Output: 220/230 VAC
LCD/LED Main Features:

a. Parallel Units with a Single Output of up to 40KVA
b.True N+1 Redundancy
c. DSP Double-Conversion On-line Sine wave Design
d. Input Power Factor Correction
e. Hot-Swappable User Replaceable Batteries
f. LCD Display with Advanced Monitoring for Easy UPS Management
g. Programmable 50/60Hz Frequency Conversion
h. Optional Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO)
i. Wide Input Voltage Window
j. Precision Output Voltage Regulation
k. Superior Brownout, Surge & Transient Protection


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