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Smart System

PCprogrammed control computerized) single & three phase stabilizers, which is the leading select of the American chip by our company, uses the computer digitization procedure to Control the functional movement of the entire machine.

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Computers, WiFi Devices, Checking System, Alarming and Security System, X-Ray equipment, Medical equipment, Broadcasting equipment, Control machine tools, industrial factories, photographic equipment, Laboratory instrument & other Electrical Appliances.

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What Is Smart Stabilizer

ترانسفارمر هوشمند کمپیوتری مجهز به جدید ترین فناوری و تکنالوژی روز به مدل های 3 فاز و تک فاز همراه با قابلیت تنظیم ولتاژ بلند و پائین به ولتاژ 220 ولت، ساخته شده از «چیپ» های پروگرام شده آمریکائی، کارائی تمام ترانس را کنترول میکند. این محصولات با مصرف کم انرژی و بدون ضایعات برق، مجهز به چندین نوع محافظ داخلی برای حفظ خود ترانس و وسایل برقی طراحی شده، سیستم تایمر تاخیری، محافظ ولتاژ بلند و ولتاژ پائین، محافظ اضافه بار، محافظ درجه حرارت داخلی و سیستم سردکن مجهز به فن، نمایشگر (ال ایی دی) همراه با مدرن ترین فناوری در صنعت ترانسفارمر، سازگار با تمام وسایل برقی اختراع و تولید شده است.

Smart PC(programmed control computerized)SVC & Relay CONTROL automatic voltage stabilizer Single Phase & 3 Phase, which is the leading select of the American chip by our company, uses the computer digitization procedure to Control the functional movement of the entire machine. It improved many shortcomings of the formerly simulated voltage stabilizer and made the quality of the products to be more reliable, the performance to be more stable, and the function to be more formidable.

The product has the low energy consumption, the over-voltage protection, the low voltage protection, the over- current protection, the over-power protection, the over-temperature protection, the leakage protection and so on. It boasts for many kinds of protection functions integrated to one product. It also has the following functions: the selective time delay, the anti- impact, the LCD multi- demonstrations, the collection energy conservation and the environmental protection etc. This is a brand-new concept product which possess many new technologies! This series products simultaneously has applied for many technical monopolies

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  • We have satisfactory from SBW-F , its can work very good and provide enough power for all our blocks , elevators and

    Ariana Business Center
  • High Performance , Nice Design, superior Quality , Best Price , we are highly recommend this stabilizer for all electrical equipment and

    Afghan Pharma
  • Our office is a Governmental Organization Electrical Power, but we use Dyson Smart Stabilizer in our station, very satisfying result.

    Herat Brishna
  • Fist we tested this Dyson Stabilizer, the efficiency was to high, the we recommend this stabilizer for all our parteners

    MCF Organization
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